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Company Profile

Company Profile

Haohan Data Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1994 with a registered capital of RMB 117.86 million. On October 9, 2015, it was listed through the National Equities Exchange and Quotations system, with a stock code of 833175.

Integrating production, teaching, research, and application, the company specializes in Internet big data acquisition, storage, and analysis, Internet traffic monitoring, and data application. It has been committed to providing high-performance, high-precision, high-reliability overall solutions to achieve the visualization, manageability, controllability, traceability, and predictability of the Internet. The company has abundant technical experience and strong professional service capability in the fields of mass data acquisition, high-speed data processing, and deep information mining. Its core technologies, advanced both domestically and internationally, are all developed independently.

The company boasts various qualifications including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, high-tech enterprise, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, information system integration and service level 2, ITSS information technology service operation and maintenance level 2, and CMMI level 3. It has been granted 13 invention patents, 7 utility model patents, 3 design patents, 64 computer software copyrights, 11 Beijing municipal certificates of new technologies and new products, and 8 telecommunication equipment access permits. The company has developed China’s first ATM backbone switch and DXC digital cross-connection equipment with complete independent intellectual property rights, which have realized industrial and commercial application, winning the first prize of science and technology of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and the second prize of national science and technology progress award.

The company’s technology center is recognized by Beijing Municipality as one of the city’s enterprise technology centers, where more than 180 scientists and technicians are directly engaged in the R&D of high-tech products. It has built a Beijing Engineering Laboratory which focuses on the technology of next-generation Internet traffic monitoring, data acquisition, and data analysis. Always dedicated to technology R&D, the company has built three R&D centers and one production-teaching-research base in Beijing, Guangzhou and Hefei. Haohan’s independently developed high-performance Internet big data acquisition, management and control system and massive data analysis and mining platform have been widely used by telecom operators, government agencies, and industrial customers in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities throughout the country. In the domestic DPI application market, these products have covered a link bandwidth of more than 300 Tbps, with market share exceeding 40%.

The company’s engineering laboratory works with well-known domestic research institutes and universities to establish a cooperation mechanism that combines production, education, research, and application. For example, Haohan Data and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications have set up a joint laboratory to carry out innovation through joint research projects, which has provided good conditions for training and reserving high-level R&D talents.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Haohan’s Vision

To be a national pillar in measuring the Internet world

Haohan’s Philosophy


Ambitious and broad-minded

Broad in vision and profound in innovation

Tenacious and persistent

Haohan’s Conviction



Source of strength and root of development


Margin of wisdom and blessing of peace


Heart can be satisfied and wish can be fulfilled


Method of identification and limit of normalization

Benevolence Accumulate virtue and do good deeds to escape disasters and take a heavenly post

Value: Interpretation of luck and fruit of life

Interpretation of Haohan’s Logo


The logo of Haohan Data takes you into a global network world. The form is symmetrical, balanced, stable yet dynamic, signifying that the interlaced Internet networks extend in an orderly manner to every part of the world under the technical support of Haohan Data.

As the color of starry sky, deep oceans and vast universe, blue is the main tone of the logo, meaning that the future of the company is as vast as the ocean and universe. The gradient blue color embodies the third dimension of space, reflecting the company’s development theory of adapting to the environment, seeking new changes and continuously challenging itself. The logo’s circular periphery gives people a feeling of mellowness and magnanimity, representing Haohan Data’s tolerance and broad-mindedness.

The arc in the logo consists of three main lines that are interlaced and interconnected, implying “everything in the universe originates from the figure 3 and repeats itself endlessly”, a traditional Chinese cultural belief. The six open exits suggest that roads in all directions lead to every destination and everything will turn out to be successful and that the company is in the process of steady growth and will realize the vision of sustainable development. The central position where the three main lines cross each other is an equilateral hexagon which symbolizes the mainstay and a perfect heart, telling people that Haohan Data is user-centered, broad in vision, profound in innovation and is determined to become a national pillar in measuring the Internet world.

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