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With intensified competition among telecommunication operators and continuous improvement of service level in key industries, operators pay more and more attention to service quality and user experience, and their need to improve customer service perception is becoming increasingly urgent. However, “monitoring the network is easy but securing business is difficult,” which is the biggest challenge faced by all operators. For a long time, operators have been more focused on network fault monitoring and alarm processing, and they really have made unique achievements in ensuring the smooth operation of the network. But at the same time, user complaints have never stopped, even increasing with the popularity of 4G. Good network quality does not represent good service quality, and stable network operation does not mean customer satisfaction. Operators are perplexed by these imbalances, yet they have few means to solve the problem.

In order to meet operators’ actual needs, help them improve user experience, reduce complaints, and enhance core competitiveness and brand value, Haohan Data, based on the full Internet voice sheet data acquired by DPI and the company’s core algorithms, accurately describes operators’ actual business indicators when users access their service, and provides operators with Internet service quality analysis and evaluation services, as well as effective optimization proposals.



Based on its quality analysis system, the company’s service quality analysis and evaluation service links various service quality indicators with users' actual experience and perception, uses these indicators to reflect the actual service quality indicators when users are accessing the Internet service, presents customers’ actual perception in combination with expert analysis service, and proposes relevant optimization proposals, so as to help operators locate the cause of complaints, find out the short board in the network, improve customer perception, and guarantee key services.    

ØUser complaint analysis service: Different from the dial-up test system, Haohan’s DPI collects full Internet traffic data, restores the scenarios of user complaints through the quality analysis system in combination with artificial analysis, extracts the various service indicators that exist when users access the Internet service, and thus locates the real problem that causes user complaints.

ØNetwork hidden trouble elimination and quality improvement services: Unlike traditional alarm monitoring and fault handling, Haohan’s Internet service pays more attention to daily analysis and optimization. By analyzing the short boards in network quality, the company helps improve operators’ Internet service quality and users’ perception of use and reduce the probability of user complaints.

ØService assurance and analysis in key periods: During important holidays or major activities such as "Spring Festival," "Christmas Day," and "traffic-free activities," the company helps operators analyze the quality of their key services that they are most concerned about, identifies the impacts of different time periods on service quality, and provides suggestions on pre-event prevention and post-event optimization.  

ØSpecific service quality analysis: According to customers' needs and the development and changes of hot Internet services such as games, videos, and online securities trading, Haohan Data provides special analysis for these services and helps customers mine representative and valuable cases.

ØAssurance and optimization of key services: For a long time, it has been rather difficult for operators to ensure their service quality for the websites of important organizations such as Party, government, army organs, public institutions, and banks. Although the number of visits to such websites is very small and there is almost no change at the network level in case of anomalies, it is likely to cause major complaints or even leadership complaints when a fault occurs. Simple Ping package testing is unable to reflect the quality of different services on these websites. Now, by collecting full traffic data we can present all the indicators of user access, evaluate the service quality of key websites, and provide optimization solutions based on a complete set of algorithms and expert analysis services. 



Full data mining: Haohan's quality analysis service is based on DPI-collected Internet traffic. Compared with the dial-up test system, it can completely restore the actual service quality indicators when users access the Internet service. Similar to time going backwards, what we get is the users’ actual usage recorded the moment they use the service, rather than guessing their usage in other ways.

Gradually improved time-proven evaluation algorithms: There are many quality indicators for users’ access to Internet service, such as delay, speed, jitter, packet loss, etc. Since different indicators have different effects on users' perception in different scenarios or environments, it is necessary to use professional algorithms to effectively correlate service indicators with customer perception. Haohan Data has been engaged in the analysis of Internet service quality for a long time, through which it has accumulated a complete set of algorithmic models for evaluating quality perception.




Service-specific quality analysis

By grasping the dynamics of current hot spots on the Internet in real time, Haohan Data helps customers to improve the quality of access to hot Internet resources and do a good job in ensuring and optimizing key services.

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