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Products and Cases


       The caching technology can accelerate static content such as traffic of hot Internet websites, file download, and video playback. For different scenarios, it can be pided into three products, including HTTP access acceleration, mobile access acceleration and P2P access acceleration.

       Xcache project in Cambodia

       Users of an operator in Cambodia access a large amount of extranet content. Source station speed and video copyright become the main reasons that affect user experience. To improve the access speed of users, we have deployed a NewStream cache system to store hotspot Internet content locally to help users achieve local access and solve copyright restrictions.


       HAOHAN Data XCDN combines CDN core technology, network technology and security technology to build a controllable and high-quality interconnected network. It has enhanced the response speed and success rate of user access and dealt with the problem of high access delay caused by distribution, bandwidth and server capacity.

       It supports the following service types: static acceleration, dynamic acceleration, live video acceleration, video on demand acceleration, download acceleration, HTTPS acceleration, mobile application acceleration, HTTPS acceleration, secure CDN acceleration, overseas acceleration, and upload acceleration.

       HAOHAN Data XCDN provides domestic TOP 3 long-video websites and TOP 5 short video websites with CDN acceleration services. A large number of high-quality nodes distributed in the three major telecom carriers ensure stable and high-speed access of users and reduce the ratio of return source to less than 1%.


       HAOHAN Data video platform XTV (IPTV/OTT) has been integrated with the CDN technology, audio/video codec technology, content distribution network technology, and streaming media transmission technology to build a cloud video platform. It has conducted two major service models of full terminal service and full content service.

       HAOHAN Data XTV provides technical support for one carrier’s intelligent set-top box. HAOHAN Data provides a media service platform supplying services such as live streaming, recording, transcoding, storage, on-demand injection, storage, transmission, return source, CDN unified scheduling, injection, distribution, authentication, etc.

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