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With the increased demand of Network Reconstruction, service-defined networks, user-defined networks and service awareness have become the hotspot technology in recent years. HAOHAN DATA’S Sniper, high performance network recognition engine, provides technical support for Trinity service awareness networks of cloudpipe, device.

Product Features

Product Features

A cross-platform,high-performance traffic monitoring product

l   Provide dynamic software library, stable run on x86, ARM, MIPS, etc.

l   deployed widely in routers, switches, and service gateways,also integrated with Intelligent Home Gateway.

l   throughput of 40Gbps and new connections of 1 M/s.

l   Collecting and processing information of gateways, services, traffic and device, providing network monitoring and alarm.

l   Traffic controlling and blocking based on services and applications.



Diverse functions of application identification and quality analysis

ØCapable of identifying over 1,000 applications with proprietary DPI signature library and advanced identification algorithm.

ØMonitoring and analysing TCP/UDP, HTTP, DNS, and FTP protocols.

ØParsing and analyzing popular application, including website,instant messaging,video and games, acquire metadata and QoS information.

Øsupport intel’s hyperscan and haohan’s ZRE matching engines, NUMA-optimized mode for best performance.

User behaviour-simulated network detection and analysis

ØTEthernet connectivity testing function.

ØSimulating user behaviour.

Application Scenarios

Application Scenarios

High reliability and availability

l   Operating 7x24, collecting and reporting data in real time.

l   Providing status and log.

l   Integrated in the SDN home gateway,intelligent router WIFI AP, MiFi, or SD-WAN device.

l   Product is deployed on the X86 platform and is widely used in next-generation firewalls, routers, service gateways, and MME,etc.


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