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An xDR bill is a detailed session-level record of the signaling process and business transfer process generated after full-volume Internet data is processed. The bill contains all the Internet access information of the user, which is worth analyzing and mining. The xDRILL bill acquisition system is an xDR bill acquisition system developed by Haohan Data. It can, based on the data collected by DPI, efficiently and flexibly generate xDR bills under various application scenarios so as to provide a basis for resource analysis and data mining and facilitate in-depth analysis and mining of various application platforms.

Bill Content

Bill Content

l   Basic-information type: Service starting and ending time, session ID, five tuple information, etc.

l   User-information type: Mobile phone number/user account, IMSI, mobile station equipment identification, network access identification, etc.

l   Network-information type: User access network types, PCF, PDSN, GGSN, SGSN, base station identification, cell, etc.

l   Quality-information type: Time delay, number of out-of-order messages, number of retransmitted messages, number of retransmitted bytes, reasons for record closure, etc.

l   Traffic-information type: Number of messages, number bytes, etc.

l   Business-information type: Protocol type, business application, business-specific information, etc.

Product Features

Product Features

ØHighly efficient

The product adopts a DPDK multi-core structure, capable of processing messages efficiently.  Single 2U server can handle 40G link traffic, with data accuracy reaching billing standard.

ØWidely adaptable

The product supports a variety of data encapsulation formats and unified collection of data service details in multiple environments including fixed network, CDMA, GPRS Gi, GPRS Gn/ Iups, GPRS Gb, and LTE S1-U/S11, thus facilitating and simplifying deployment and maintenance.  


In addition to general service bills, the product also supports more than 20 kinds of other service bills including DNS, HTTP, instant messaging, VoIP, P2P and Email.


Adopting a plug-in message parsing framework, the product flexibly supports extended development of service bills of popular applications, capable of making quick responses to analysis demand. 


Adopting the mode of bill field library, the product supports bill customization and flexible output of bills in different formats such as unified mobile DPI, mobile WLAN, China Telecom specifications, customized bills, etc.  

Typical Applications

Typical Applications

Based on the company’s DPI equipment, the xDRILL bill acquisition system can flexibly output bills to various application systems including the company’s DNV network visualization sub-system, operators’ Internet log retention system and other third-party systems. Typical application environments are shown in the following figure:

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