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Ø Online traffic monitoring, more timely

Through a keen network link traffic monitoring mechanism, real-time detection of abnormal attacks, to minimize the impact of network attacks. Support various DDoS attacks, such as SYN flood,

UDP flood, CC flood, NTP reflection attack, SSDP launch attack, etc.

Ø Intelligent detection methods, more accurate

Combining traditional signature detection with behavior heuristic method. Detection mode based on behavior baseline can effectively identify various types of disguised attacks and mixed traffic attacks, achieve intelligent recognition.

Ø Dedicated architecture design, more efficient

Dedicated processing unit based on FPGA architecture supports 100GE full link speed with no packet loss and tens of micro-second latency. It can fully guarantee link communication quality while providing more efficient system defense and protection.

Ø Features dynamic configuration, flexible customization

Based on the presetting of tens of thousands of feature rules, it also supports feature customization. Combined with the system's precise analysis of packet mirroring, it can timely improve the system identification ability and effectively deal with sudden attacks, generic attacks, etc.

Ø Adaptive correction, adaptive multi-scene

The system has a built-in 10,000 behavior baselines. Based on the actual network environment,it can automatically adjust the baseline for all kinds of behavior, reduce manual maintenance and improve system accuracy.

Ø Attack trend analysis, rapid perception

Gluster analysis of the data to find the trend of attack, providing guidance for the preparation of the disposal plan.

Ø Integrated flow cleaning, quick disposal

Integrating traffic flow cleaning function, which redirect the abnormal traffic, ensures healthy network link, handles abnormal traffic in time and effectively reduces attack impact.

Ø Intelligent packet mirror, accurate analysis

Mirroring strategy based on a 5-tuples of TCP/IP header or payload signature can be configured flexibly. It can capture real datagrams in real time and provide support for accurate analysis of phishing behavior, botnets, Trojans, worms, and malicious code

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