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With the development of IT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, mobile communication, and artificial intelligence in recent years, network threats have become increasingly complex, the traffic of network attacks is super large, the frequency of attacks is increased, and the ways of attacks are persified. In this background, how to gain an early insight into the network security situation and prevent the hazard caused by network attacks is a severe challenge faced by operators and enterprises. At present, however, the traditional DDoS defense system can hardly protect against large-traffic network attacks due to the structure of network deployment and limited bandwidth of cleaning equipment.

The DDoS attack detection and defense system developed by Haohan Data Technology Co., Ltd can effectively detect DDoS attack traffic in backbone networks, provincial networks, IDCs, metropolitan area networks, and other network environments, and integrate traffic control system and cleaning system to control and clean attack traffic in real time. On the basis of effectively protecting the network from attacks, it can also provide various value-added services related with network security.

Features and advantages

Features and advantages


²Intelligent detection architecture, fast detection, fast sensing;


 ²Multiple detection methods, dynamic matching of attack features, flexible customization, adaptation to multiple scenarios and multiple types of attacks, more accurate detection


 ²Integrated traffic control and cleaning modules to quickly capture and deal with attack traffic


 ²Powerful enough to defend against attacks no matter how large their scale is; supporting large-network, large-traffic, high-concurrency processing to protect backbone networks, provincial networks, IDCs, and MANs

Application scenarios

Application scenarios

The system is suitable for backbone networks, provincial networks, IDCs, MANs and other network environments, capable of real-time detection, control and cleaning of attack traffic.

A schematic application plan

A schematic application plan

The system collects the traffic records of provincial network exit router on the exit link and detects, controls, and cleans the traffic of network attacks in real time to ensure the normal operation of user services.


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